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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He was once pulled over on his bike.


I classify my hobbies as things that I like to do that don’t fall under the categories of music or sports.  Basically, the odds and ends of me :)


As evident by my pictures section, I really love photography.  I started having an interest in it in grade 10 and never looked back (partly because back then I still used film).  I also enjoy using black and white photography.


I play both international chess and Chinese (Xiang4 Qi2) chess.  And actually, any sort of other chess game, such as Go, 5-point chess, etc.  I wouldn’t classify myself as good enough to win tournaments or beat people in the park for money, but I’m good enough to carry out a strong game.

Random Tricks

If you give me a baseball or a softball, I will do this thing where I pop it up in the air using the inside of my elbow repeatedly, sometimes catching or incorporating it into my three-ball juggling.  I also know a few random card tricks that I practice using business cards when I’m bored or waiting for something (or on the toilet, though after one particular incident, I’ve significantly reduced this practice).  I also like to do coin tricks, mainly to fool kids and to entertain myself.


I collect badges from countries that I have traveled to, and then I sew them onto my travel backpack.  This is so that my backpack looks prettier and that I have more street cred when I walk into a hostel.  I also collect metal pins, which I then put onto a travel hat that I no longer wear because my head is too big…


Like most people, I enjoy reading as a pastime.  I enjoy most fiction that deals with real-world settings, though exceptions do exist (Harry Potter).  I read in Traditional Chinese and English, though I read English about 10 times faster than I do Chinese.  I also like to read non-fiction books that talk about things I’m interested in, like business, traveling, or stories of famous people that have endured adversity.  My favourite book so far is The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay.

Other school organizations

Throughout my academic career, I’ve always tried to venture out and try new things or get involved with things I’m passionate about.  Here are just some as an example.

Queen’s Finance Association

I was on the inaugural QFA team in 2007, which organized the (obviously) inaugural QFA Conference at the Royal York in Toronto.  My role was the IT Coordinator and I maintained the website, e-mails, and also the entire simulated stock exchange at the conference itself.  It was no easy task to keep tabs on 20 laptops all connecting to a central system while answering questions from the 20 volunteers on what to do.  In the end, QFAC was highly successful and many delegates indicated they would definitely return.


Walkhome is a Queen’s AMS (Alma Mater Society) service that people can call if they want accompaniment when walking home late at night.  When called, Walkhome sends out two plain-clothed walkers (one guy and one girl) with a radio and we simply walk that patron home!  We are trained to converse with the patron and make them feel safe and comfortable on the walk to wherever they may be working.  Often, these shifts go until 3am (and even to 6am during exam periods) so I really learned to be attentive even though your mind may want to drift in an out of consciousness!


The concept of Chat is simple – people get free pins identifying what language(s) they speak, and they proudly display them.  Then, if you see someone wearing a pin of a language you speak or want to learn to speak, you go and chat with him or her!  I was on the executive team for a couple of years and had a great time promoting a multi-linguist campus environment.

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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He has built his own two-storey treehouse.