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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He practices magic tricks on the toilet.

My first job out of university landed me as an Analyst at the boutique firm SECOR Consulting (eventually fast-tracked to consultant and senior-consultant).  I worked on a due diligence project, a billion-dollar merger (that fell through), and some financial modeling for a major Canadian resources agency.  I also started traveling quite frequently for work, resulting in various periods when I literally was homeless, as I saw no need for an apartment back in Toronto.

Website: www.secorgroup.com

I joined SECOR in September, 2010, as an Analyst in their Toronto office.  SECOR was a management consulting firm with offices in Montreal (Headquarters), New York, Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec City.  Of course, this was all before its merger with KPMG.


As an analyst, my role was to analyze data, create models, reveal trends, research information, create PowerPoint decks for clients, and be a part of the team as we discuss strategic and tactical solutions to our clients’ problems.  SECOR works in industries such as resources and energy, healthcare, technology, and financial institutions/insurance.

Initially, I worked on a due diligence deal for a major private equity firm in Canada, a project regarding a leading international cement and aggregates company, and various intellectual capital work involving digital media.  

Later I started providing strategic consulting work in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver in industries such as aerospace and defence, digital media, energy and resources, and healthcare.  I helped deliver billion-dollar mergers and financial forecasting models, due diligence work,
and large-scale IT transformations, often while managing client teams of 4-12 people.  All these projects have provided me with ample opportunities to learn and deliver quality work to clients.


Aside from the great work being done and the 30 years of history, what really defined SECOR was the people that work there.  Everyone from the Analysts up to the Partners were enthusiastic about the work we did and were all very supportive of each other.  In addition, everyone continually strived to do the best work they could for the biggest companies in Canada and internationally.  This combination made for a great place for me to learn and thrive while enjoying it at the same time.

To be continued in the KPMG section!

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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He used to make his own POG slammers.